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Notes, Sample Papers and Much More

Practice Tests with Benchmarking

DPP, Chapterwise Tests, Part Tests with National Benchmarking and Results.

10 Full Length Mock Tests

Detailed Solutions, Video Discussions and National Ranking.

Lecture and Study Material Language

Language used by teacher in Live Class for teaching - हिंदी + Eng. Questions language displayed in Live Class - English.

Social Learning Platform

Discuss your smallest Doubt, Collaborate and Learn .

Key Feature

  • 10 full Length All India Test Series

  • Practice Test for Concept Revisions.

  • Crisp Concept Revision by Experts while Discussing papers.

  • 9 Sample Paper for Boards, Fully Solved included.

  • Access Any Time anywhere on App & Browser.

  • Value Preposition.

  • Over 500 Concepts Revised.

  • CBSE Sample Papers to excel in Boards. No need to buy additional sample papers.

  • National Level Ranking & Resources to Improve and Perform Better.

  • Why This Test Series ?

  • Prepared by Resonance Top Faculty Team from Kota.

  • Efficient and Cost Effective.

  • Proven Track Record of Over a Decade which tech Platforms like Byju, Embibe, Gradeup do not have.